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Modern society requires diverse specialists with a multidisciplinary background and critical thinking. My aim is to engage students in analytic research on archaeology and anthropology while combining this knowledge with a wider range of scientific studies. Therefore, students learn about the progress of humankind along its path in history and the problems it has been facing over time, and what have been the different answers given in respect to crucial aspects like subsistence, political organization, integration and art expression. I consider these themes essential for the liberal arts education of a modern citizen. Furthermore, my main field of study and research, the European and Mediterranean history, is by its nature - a story of long-range interactions between different civilizations, that produced the encounter and mutual enrichment of different cultures, in a process that has been called 'creolization' or 'hybridization'; and that has much in common with what happens in the modern globalized world. Thus, while confronting students with the challenge of learning about ancient Europe and the Mediterranean, I encourage them to open their minds to new ways of seeing situations and objects. 

This portfolio summarises my practical experience in the field of teaching, describes teaching materials and outlines how I update my teaching skills. Finally, it provides feedback examples from students, together with a few ideas on future teaching development.

"Orlando was extremely helpful in providing feedback on paper and presentation materials and was always available when needed."

Student (University at Buffalo SUNY)

“Orlando is an amazing professor. He is clear and explains concepts well, and throws a little humor in there! His knowledge of inequality in archaeology is top-notch.”

Student (University at Buffalo SUNY)

“Orlando was an incredible professor, and he provided an enormous amount of insight into understanding and researching inequality in a past context. He is an exceptional teacher.”

Student (University at Buffalo SUNY)

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