Conferences & talks


I have participated in international conferences held in Rome, Florence, Eretria, Groningen, Amsterdam, London and Chicago, which gave me the chance to further develop a truly international network.

  • Congresses I have organised
    • 2020 MAVNA - «Dining with the Past. Ancient diet and cuisine»;
    • 2019 MAVNA - «Middle Age Landscapes. Castels, settlements, roads and people of the Treja Valley and surroundings»;
    • 2018 MAVNA - «Understanding Narce. From the settlement to the necropoleis, archaeological stories between Calcata and Mazzano»;
    • 2016 Bolsena - «Society and Innovation in Southern Etruria during the 4th and 3rd century B.C.E.»;
    • 2014 EAA Istambul - «Pottery as experiment: shifting and adapting production technologies, functions and styles»;
    • 2014 IEMA Buffalo - «Inequality in Antiquity. Tracing the archaeological record»;
    • 2014 AIA Chicago - «Etruscan Veii: the New Discoveries»;
    • 2003 Bukhara «Italo-Uzbek Archaeology».

Videos of some conferences

Some posters

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